Company Technical Consulting was established on the basis of the knowledge and experience of its founder, Karolina Zimnik. She was a graduate student at the University of Technology in Vienna (TU) and earned her PhD in the department of Material Science. She has accumulated several years of practice and experience with professional customer service in the European Union. The primary objective of our job is direct contact with partners on the scientific and business field. The basis of our advisory and trade actions are: positive economic effect and satisfaction of academic institutions, research laboratories, and operators. We are gradually enlarging the list of entities that use our services and we welcome new business partners to cooperate!


Technical consulting of national and international trade

Find suppliers for businesses (import and export)

Conducting trade talks on behalf of companies that outsource

Arrangements for the supply of goods (logistics, freight forwarding)

Counseling and mediation for euipment sales in order to carry out the process of blackening


Integrated machine for blackening steel in the immersion (Alkaline)

TYPE: BWS-S01 (Blackening Worstation - steel 01)

Model: IA-CS50 (Integrated Automat-Carbon Steel 50)

Model: IA-SS52 (Integrated Automat-Steinless Steel 50)



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